The Journey Begins…

14 09 2011

Classes start today!

(Okay, classes actually started on Monday, but my first class is today.)

My syllabus is printed off. My notebook and Sharpie pens are ready for action. And I feel a little bit like I did the first day of  Kindergarten…really excited and just  a little bit scared. (Thankfully today doesn’t feel anything like the first day of Jr. High – that was just downright terrifying!)

On deck for courses this semester:

  • Conflict and Conflict Resolution
  • International Political Economy
  • Statistics I

It should be a well rounded semester–a nice mix of the practical and the theoretical. Hopefully I can ease into this new world.

And now, I ask a favor of you dear readers: “Studying Human Rights at the Josef Korbel School” may in fact be the most boring title in history, but I’ve apparently run out of creative energy. So I would gladly welcome suggestions for a new and improved title.




3 responses

15 09 2011
Melia Erin

Yay blogs!

I’m going to subscribe!

Can’t wait to read about your schoolin’!

15 09 2011

Hey grad student! Great to see you online. I’ve been wondering about when things got “officially” started. Looking forward to reading about your perspective on grad school. Yay for the energy of those first weeks! Channel it as long as it will last! I wish you the best, friend.

15 09 2011

I’m soooo tempted to tell you to call it “Hangin’ with Condi and Madeleine”, but that’s probably inappropriate. Maybe some play on the school’s motto – it could be loose… According to the Online Etymology Dictionary 🙂 , the Latin “religio” meant “respect for what is sacred”. Scientia is knowledge. So, Knowledge and Respect? Just random ideas, I won’t think of something decent til I’m asleep. Glad you’re blogging!

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