…on learning to juggle

27 09 2011

I’ve survived the first two weeks of classes! This last week has definitely come with its fair share of adjustment.

My life pre-grad school was relatively simple. I worked my 40ish hours a week, and the rest of my time was dedicated to all those other non-work things of life…including having a life. 🙂 If I dropped the ball on something, I really just wasn’t paying attention. I didn’t have a lot to juggle.

And now, my life has become radically different–the balls I’m juggling have increased exponentially—weekly reading assignments, paper research/prep, internship search, language learning, new people, new city, family…

So I’m taking things one week at a time. Each week brings new challenges and new priorities.

Last week I found my inner morning person…I wonder what new things this week will bring?




3 responses

27 09 2011

your inner circus clown? Ray-Ray the chainsaw juggling clown! yep, i’m going with that.
Seriously, what you’re doing is way cool. very proud of/for you.

28 09 2011

It is so nice to hear these updates. You are missed deeply. I hope there is a richness and new flavor that comes along with all the new experiences and demands. They are so lucky to have you 🙂

28 09 2011

your inner morning person! awesome.

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